The Font

Monarch was inspired by an old Greek cigarette brand “Mistral”, and modified to work better as a headline face. Monarch supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Special attention has been given in the design of Greek, staying true to the forms of the letters.



The font consists of eight weights with more than 2500 glyphs. The bold weight was designed first followed by regular and thin. Having designed the extremes of the font and the median, these weights where interpolated in order to produce more weights. The resulting weights where inspected and correction where made accordingly.



The font consists of five weights with more than 2500 glyphs. Most of the glyphs are monospaced with the exception of some glyphs like the M and the W where the characters width had to be extended in order to maintain the font’s consistency and proportions.


I wanted to create a font-family that would support several languages. The idea started by the lack of support of Greek in most fonts. I decided to learn to design and create my own fonts in order to help myself as a designer when having to deal with greek brands. Monarch was my first attempt towards this process.


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